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vellies from the safari

our vellies have a long and illustrious history.

Veldskoene (pronounced “FELT-skoona”), also known as vellies (pronounced “FELL-ys”), are traditionally South African walking shoes with uppers made of vegetable-tanned leather or soft rawhide leather or suede that are bonded to a leather footbed and rubber sole without the use of tacks or nails.

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Vellie skoene (shoe) is derived from Afrikaans vel (“skin”), which was then combined with veld (“field”), veld (“field”), veld (“field”), veld (“field”), veld (“field”), veld (“field”), veld (“field”), veld (“field”), veld (“field”), veld (“field”), veld (“field”), veld (“field”) (“shoes”). The first Dutch settlers in South Africa founded them in the 17th century. These settlers’ designs are claimed to have been influenced by traditional Khoisan footwear. When Velskoene were utilized as the Great Trek’s footwear, they became ingrained in the Afrikaaner consciousness, and they will continue to be a part of our culture for a long time.


Are Veldskoen shoes comfortable?

Vellies were worn by people of all classes and professions, often without socks, but especially by students, farmers, and safari guides, and became embedded in South African, Zimbabwean (formerly Rhodesian), and Namibian culture. C&J Clark, Nathan Clark’s shoe company, popularized the desert boot, which was influenced by veldskoens’ round toe and form. Veldskoene imported from South Africa inspired the shape and design of the veldskoene he saw for sale in Cairo bazaars.

South African safari shoes

Keep an eye out for the more contemporary sole design.

Safari Vellies, also known as light boots, are a type of chukka boot or desert boot with a lower topline than chukka boots or desert boots. This collection of shoes is available in our store with a variety of coloured soles.

Safari veldskoen (Safari veldskoen) is

Safari Old automobile tires, rather than crepe rubber, are occasionally used to make Vellie Veldskoene soles.

Safari Vellies from South Africa is a perennial favourite. For enhanced comfort and durability, it’s made the old-fashioned way, with top-quality leather. Our Safari vellie veldskoen is made of high-quality leather and suede that is both comfortable and long-lasting.

Veldskoen of the people

Not only are these Safari veldskoen shoes created in South Africa, but they are also really trendy. Wear them to a braai or to the office, and they’ll get you where you need to go in style. Your Safari vellies are the ideal complement to your ensemble.

Buying things over the internet

To get the correct shoe size for your Safari veldskoen, stand on a piece of paper and draw a line from the longest toe to the heel. This will provide you with the foot measurement. You must measure your footprint from heel to toe, not just your footprint.

The veldskoen vellies come in a range of designs and colours; pick your favourite or a bunch of them 😉